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Dr. James Cook, Professor of History.jpg
black and white headshot of Dr. James Cook

Enjoying the Solarium-Floyd Early '90s.jpg
Color, Wide shot. Two tables have two students each talking to each other. There is a fifth student on the left sitting in an easy chair.

Floyd College Men's Faculty Basketball Team - 1995
Color, Wide shot. A team of men in Blue Jerseys smile for the camera.

FCST Students, Marietta Campus.jpg
Members of Brother 2 Brother/Georgia Highlands African American and Minority Male Excellence(GHAME) and Dr. John Hershey's Freshman Experience class. They are standing outside the original Marietta campus.
Front (Left to Right): Gary Joseph,…

FJC Coed, Sept. 1970_Page_1.jpg
Color. Medium-Wide shot. A student is carrying books down a sidewalk next to the Metro Building, FJCs first location

Lavinia Heaton, Asst. Profesor of Mathematics.jpg
A picture of Lavinia Heaton, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Leigh Callan, Professor of Microbiology.jpg
A picture of Leigh Callan, Professor of Microbiology

Leslie Henderson, Professor of Nursing.jpg
A picture of Leslie Henderson, Professor of Nursing

Leslie Johnson and Stacy Brown.jpg
A picture of Leslie Johnson and Stacy Brown


Librarian Karin Bennedson, Bartow Campus.jpg
A picture of Librarian Karin Bennedson on the Bartow Campus
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