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Welcome to the Georgia Highlands College Archives webpage! GHC Archives is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and maintenance of documents and artifacts pertaining to the history of Georgia Highlands College (formerly known as Floyd Junior College and Floyd College). Everything seen here relates to the college and has research value. This website holds digitized materials from our collections. Documents and items such as memorabilia, photos, college catalogs, and other materials can be found in our different collections and exhibits. For information about donations and any other questions, please feel free to reach out to Georgia Highlands College Archives at archives@highlands.edu.

Recently Added Items

Rhynchosia cytisoides


Perennial herb; Leaves compound and alternate with trifoliate leaflets; Primarily in the subtropical biome. Grows in dry soils of sandy pinehills,…

Rhynchosia texana


Perennial vine; Leaves alternate and trifoliate long, linear leaflets; Fruit is legume. Found in dry grounds of mountains. Arkansas County, TX. In…

Rhynchosia parvifolia


Perennial herb or vine; Leaves alternate and petiolate; Fruit is legume. Found in trails, beaches, and pinelands. Known only from the Miami Rock Ridge…